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$16 in 2016

Welcome to League:

A force for progress on the Emerald Coast, encouraging the active
and informed participation of citizens in their government!

Constitution Revision Commission
Apply to join the Constitution Revision Commission!
The Governor’s Office is now accepting applications for this 37-member Commission, which convenes every 20 years to review Florida’s Constitution and propose potential changes to be approved by Florida voters. Apply today.
School to Prison PipelineProposed constitutional amendments for 2016: Join us for lunch on Wednesday, 5 Oct, from 11:30-1:00 pm at Two Trees Restaurant (1955 Lewis Turner Blvd, FWB) to learn all about the ballot initiatives. RSVP by 3 Oct.
School to Prison Pipeline
Does your organization need a speaker in September or October?
League will be happy to brief you on the 2016 ballot initiatives. Contact League to arrange a speaker for your next meeting!
School to Prison PipelineThe “school-to-prison” pipeline: Lack of state oversight has allowed Florida School Districts to facilitate this alarming trend. Read this special report for details. Then brush up on juvenile diversion programs in the Panhandle.

Voter Information

Welcome to FloridaNew to Florida?
Find your state and federal representatives; check out our Supervisor of Elections; register to vote and use this Guide to Elected Officials.
Be ready to vote!
Your trusted source for nonpartisan, fact-based voter information
Your America home page
2016 Election Guide: Your vote will be a deciding factor in this crucial election. Vote for your future. Vote for your community. Get questions answered and the info you need to make an impact.
OVF Logo Overseas Voter? Find all the help you need at the overseas voter helpdesk.
Florida Handbook
Florida Handbook
: The Florida Handbook is the leading guide to state government and its history. Download the latest edition.
Electing the President: A guide to the election processElecting the President: This comprehensive pamphlet is designed to help voters, especially young and first-time voters, understand the presidential election process.