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The Okaloosa & Walton County League strives to be a voice for citizens and a force for progress on the Emerald Coast, so thank you for caring enough to take action and advocate for League priorities.

2019 Action Alerts
2019 LWVFL Legislative Priorities
How to Take Action

What can you do?

So, what can you do now?After soliciting input from local Leagues, the League of Women Voters of Florida has compiled a list of Legislative Priorities for 2018, as well as a list of questions for our legislators. You can make an impact by staying in touch with your legislators, sharing important items on social media and providing input to government agencies. Time-sensitive items are typically featured on the home page, but you’ll also find them here, with tips on how to how to take action. During session this page will be expanded to include action items pertaining to priority issues.

Okaloosa County Legislative Delegation Contact Information

State Representatives
House District 3: Representative Jayer Williamson (Okaloosa only)
850-717-5003 (Tallahassee)
850-995-3698 (Pace)
House District 4: Representative Mel Ponder (Okaloosa only)
850-717-5004 (Tallahassee)
850-833-3713 (Fort Walton Beach)
House District 5: Representative Brad Drake (Walton only)
850- 717-5005 (Tallahassee)
850-951-0547 (DeFuniak Springs)
850-718-0047 (Marianna)

State Senators
Senate District 1: Senator Broxson
(Okaloosa only)
850-487-5001 (Tallahassee)
850-595-1036 (Pensacola)
Senate District 2: Senator Gainer
(Walton & Okaloosa)
850-487-5002 (Tallahassee)
850-747-5454 (Panama City)

US Congressional Delegation
Senator Marco Rubio
850-433-2603 (local)
202-224-3041 (DC)

Representative Matt Gaetz
850-479-1183 (local)
202-225-4136 (DC)

Senator Rick Scott
(contact info not available yet)

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2019 Action Alerts

Welcome your US Representative to Washington, DC, with a call to support HR1: For the People Act, a new sweeping democracy reform bill that will make elections fairer and put the power back in the hands of the American people. HR1 includes comprehensive reforms, like restoring the Voting Rights Act, improving Automatic Voter Registration, creating a public financing system through small donor matching funds, overturning Citizens United, ending partisan gerrymandering and more! This bill will make our elections fairer and put the power back into the hands of the American people, and it deserves bipartisan support. Call Rep Matt Gaetz today at the numbers listed above.  

2019 LWVFL Legislative Priorities

The 2019 Legislative Priorities have been finalized. Your League will be interviewing your legislators in February to see where they stand on League’s 2019 priorities. Be a part of the 2019 Legislative Interviews!

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How to take action

  • Contact your representatives about specific issues. Even if you don’t participate in legislative interviews or the Legislative Summit, you can still take action by contacting your legislator about important issues, like the ones listed on this page. Be sure to
  • Review these tips and our Make Your Voice Heard briefing when you’re preparing to make a phone call or write a letter or email.
  • Observe government meetings to hold elected representatives accountable. Be a part of your League’s Observation Corps by attending meetings and reporting on what went on there. Let your officials know you care about how they’re conducting the public’s business.
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